August 2012

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When RAW became the LAW

31 August 2012

It was while I was lying in savasana at Hot Bikram Yoga Balham one day in May that I *kinda* made an accidental raw decision. I had been chugging back the Bikram Balance for a week or so and was feeling many benefits on it; Daniel Young (Hot Bikram Yoga Studio Manager) had dropped a […]

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Delicious RAW lunchbox

30 August 2012

10 easy steps for a delicious RAW lunchbox Hello you, Yogi-on-the-go, racing from teaching Bikram in the Lanes to a private Yoga Nidra class in Clapham to practising at Hot Bikram Yoga London Bridge; how on earth do you manage to remain raw with so much energy exerted and all that’s available to munch on […]

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How I Conquered Adrenal Fatigue

29 August 2012

My wonderful friend and fellow yogi Anna Lempriere asked me to speak at the Celebration of the Divine Feminine she organised last weekend… “Easy peasy” thought I, “10 minutes on the benefits of practicing yoga in a heated environment…” WRONG! “I want you to tell us about your diet and what you eat to give […]

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Bikram Balance Powder Review

28 August 2012

A Bikram Balance Powder Review. I have always been slightly bemused by Bikram’s comments about nutrition; “Do your yoga, your body will process tin cans”, “Those who eat health foods smell like old cat-poop” – and of course THAT class where he infamously sat on the podium eating a Big Mac and drinking a can of […]

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