November 2014

5 Reasons to Run a Pop Up Hot Yoga Studio

25 November 2014

I was having lunch with a newly qualified Bikram Yoga Teacher yesterday & asked about her future plans; if she wanted to Teach & if she was going to open a Studio. She sighed ‘I just want to go EVERYWHERE’, she said ‘I could Teach in my home town but I also want to travel, […]

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10 Knee Surgery Tips for Yoga Teachers

16 November 2014

There are some things your Bikram Yoga Practice just can’t fix & a Torn Meniscus is one of them. Once you have made the difficult decision to go ahead with Knee Surgery what can you do as a Yoga Teacher to aid the Healing Process? 1)¬†Choose¬†your Surgeon wisely. This person and your body are gonna […]

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