Why is Naomi Eating Earth?

by Naomi Clark on February 4, 2015

diatomaceous_earthIf you’ve read my blog Live Blood Analysis then you will know that approximately 90% of us have Parasites of some sort living on or in our bodies, but even if they are microscopic they can still potentially rob us of nutrients and drain us of energy.

As Mama to a boy and a cat, doses of worms, fleas and headlice are par for the course and I have tried to manage outbreaks as naturally as possible.
However, when I heard about Diatomaceous Earth for cleansing the gut – my curiosity piqued!
Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Peru (sent Via Amazon from the exotic wilds of South Wales) is right up there on the detox list with colonics, psyllium husks, sweating and juicing. It makes sense that we use earth and water to cleanse our human selves which came from, and will ultimately return to, earth and water – dust to dust and all that jazz. The earth is from the 30 million year old fossilized microscopic skeletal remains of uni-cellular algae-like plants called Diatoms – YUMMY!
So, I have started putting a teaspoon or two of the white powder in a smoothie, juice or glass of water. Not surprisingly, it tastes just likeā€¦earth!
The idea is that the Earth is mainly Silica and trace minerals which absorbs heavy metals such as mercury, pesticide residues, radiation, endotoxins, viruses, bacteria, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, maintains lung tissue, reduces kidney stones, cleanses the colon and dries out the exoskeletons of any parasitic organisms, killing them by dehydration and flushing them and their waste products from your system. Ultimately the goal is to work up to a half cup daily over 30 days, BUT it’s not a good idea to take too much at first as that is thought to induce a healing crisis aka ‘Herxheimer Reaction’ as the little critters die off.
I will let you know how the mud-eating goes and if I lose weight through ridding my body of parasites. I don’t know how exactly the murdering of parasitic organisms fits in with my 5 Buddhist Precepts and the honouring of AHIMSA (non-harming) but meanwhile, have YOU tried Diatomaceous Earth & what results did you experience?
Naomi x
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