5 Things I LOVE about K.Deer Yoga Leggings!

by Naomi Clark on July 14, 2015

Naomi Clark K.Deer LeggingsA lady shouted out during class last week ‘I LOVE your leggings!’ ‘So do I!’ I replied ‘But you really should just be concentrating on your Eagle Pose!’ These ARE the kind of leggings that make you wanna shout out! And Laugh! And Caper! And Pirouette! When I first saw these Pippi Longstocking-style stripey leggings popping up on social media I did honestly roll my eyes – cute, but I mean – WHO can actually wear Horizontal Stripes?
As fate would have it I got a call from my old Balham Student, Louise from her company www.goyogi.dk ‘We got these GREAT leggings – can I send you some to practice in?’
When it dawned that they were those same striped things I objected unconvinced ‘They’re just for very young, very skinny Danish chicks. I’ve got a REAL backside situation going on & so have half of UK women in the Hot Room!’
‘Just try it’ she said….
So I did & here’s what I found – 
  1. Dry quickly – I handwashed my K.Deer at 11.30pm & by 10am the next morning they were already dry for practice!
  2. Don’t give ya builders bum – those leggings that just slip down yer butt as soon as you start warming up for Pada Hastasana don’t make it to a second class with me – these stay PUT (you can wear them waistband up or down, I prefer the highwaisted option) & they have a cute half-over-the-foot option which visually lengthens the leg but don’t try & simultaneously demonstrate Triangle Pose in a room without carpet!
  3. Keep shape during class/practice – Well these babies not only don’t budge but they also SUCK YOU IN! Like magic tummy tuck panel support tights but for your WHOLE body from empire line to cankle everything is gently cradled! 
  4. Not see-through in Paschimotanasana – honestly, this is unchartered territory as I’ve yet to line up a willing friend in this game of Hunt the Crack but I promise to have confirmed opacity within the week & report back. I feel safe in them however.
  5. Bonus: no Camel Toe – Crotch Seam travels Right to Left rather than up & down which means NO lift & separate where you don’t want it – yay!
SO I have managed to wangle a “15% off all orders” discount code so ALL you beautiful yogis can channel your inner Pippi at www.goyogi.dk Valid until Sunday 26th July 2015 ONLY.

The code is GONAOMI15

Now, if I were to have just ONE more wish then I would like a K.Deer All-In-One-Bodysuit a là 1920’s bathing suit – please, K.Deer?
Naomi x
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