August 2016

Mala Beads – Why is 108 the Magic Number?

27 August 2016

On our most recent Yoga Retreat to Andalusia’s stunning Valle de Vida, our guests at ‘Get Hot Raw & Juicy’ received a welcome pack containing some goodies, including a string of Indian Mala beads. In the past I’ve given lavender eye pillows for Yoga Nidra Meditation, but felt inspired this year after receiving my own […]

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How Ex-Bikram Studios are Killing Their Own Communities

13 August 2016

Before Bikram Crash (which I jokingly nicknamed ‘Brexit’ until┬áBrexit actually happened then it suddenly wasn’t funny anymore) life was simple for us Bikram Teachers… We taught in one or two local Studios where we lived, we may or may not have had another job or partner to share the bills, and we practiced 3 or […]

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