Discounts Here & my FAVOURITE Yoga Clothes!

by Naomi Clark on January 30, 2017

Did you actually manage to get through the whole weekend without buying any new yoga clothes? 

With a combination of a long-awaited payday, results from January’s 30 Day Challenge new year resolutions starting to kick in (Go YOU!) , the panic of Tax Return subsided, THAT email from Go Yogi & that other one from Yoga Rebel offering 20% off Spiritual Gangster until Midnight on Sunday the chances are you scrolled….but did your Paypal make it thru safely unscathed? 

As a result of feedback from my last Blog about the unethical Fabletics Scam, your questions about which yoga clothing I like to wear and recommend, and yesterday’s post on my social media regarding my special little Chest of Drawers in the hallway, which solely houses my yoga attire, I thought it was time to share with you my FAVOURITE hot room clothing and let you in on some yummy DISCOUNTS too! 

All the photos here are from my Instagram so you can see the real fit, not on a model!

The Chest Containing Precious Lycra!


HOT YOGI TIP: Reduce laundry time and use a dedicated chest of drawers or cupboard near your front door for your yoga wear as it will rarely make it to your bedroom wardrobe between the washing machine & the Studio! 


Whilst I still enjoy the old favourite Leggings ‘n’ Bra Top/Vest combo from Onzie, K-Deer, Teeki, Moonchild, I DO LOVE a catsuit I do! Being raised in the (ahem) 1970’s, catsuits remind me of Space 1999, Buck Rogers, Flashdance & Olivia Newton John. I BEGGED my mother to buy me one for tap-dancing classes (when we were supposed to wear black tights and leotards) and eventually she relented. I chose a green one from Julienne’s in Beckenham, which I promptly spent the night sleeping in!

I love catsuits as athleisurewear even more so since practicing Vinyasa & Ashtanga as they just don’t do that despicable riding up/rolling down thing in between up dog & down dog. I hate that…butt crack getting more and more airtime whilst underboob is also trying to get in on the act – nothing more irritating for the dulling of one’s Drishti. Spanish Bikram Yogi Lucciana has designed these awesome long and short-legged muted-colour graphic print catsuits (below left) that stay put like a second skin (and also don’t go transparent when wet) LaLucci  I like the One Piece Heaven, Peacock, Street Light and also the Amazon print.  If a catsuit was ever ‘subtle’ then this is it. You don’t feel the metal and plastic clasp on the back and despite them advising handwash only mine have been thru the machine for nearly a year now with only minimal fading. Also available shorts, leggings and tops.

How much? LaLucci come in one size only 69-80 euros


Burnt Soul










I also don’t mind wearing an all-in-one for teaching as well as practicing – especially if I’ve got a few back to back sessions as I don’t have to be faffing about with ties and crossover backs. The only downside is feeling the cold when you have to get half-naked to have a wee before class! 

Burnt Soul Clothing offer a bright wow-factor with their fantasy festivalwear all-in-ones which I totally ADORE for hot room shenanigans such as Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga. I love the open back on their designs and again these just stay totally put through a chaturanga. I feel like I’m wearing nothing and yet they are somehow flattering for the mum-bod. They air dry really quickly and have this cute high-vis reflective strip on the waistband (so I won’t get runover if I accidentally wear a catsuit whilst jogging around Lewes?) 

I’m wearing in the pics (above right) Minx, Supernova, new LCD Sports catsuit, and Zebra but Burnt Soul will deliver your own made-to-measure bespoke design and each catsuit comes with complementary glitter and stick-on nipple covers no less! The only downside to this fabric is that it slips slightly during side-crow in Advanced Class (which the LaLucci doesn’t) but then so does sweaty slippery skin so just use a towel and boogie on! Also available Meggings for the guys….

How much? Between £40 (sale) & £110


New kids on the block are Yogangster aka Kelly Isaacs (another Bikram Teacher) and her pal, fellow yogi DJ Goldie. It started with ‘Lock Your F*ing Knee’ T-shirts and is now a really complete range of leggings, shorts and loungewear for boys and girls. The coveted white sweatshirt with gold logo sold out immediately and is literally just back in stock this weekend so act swiftly. 

Now, I had given up practicing Bikram Yoga in short shorts and a bra top. I’d always had it in my head that teaching wearing so little felt disrespectful to your students, and also that not covering up when you’re heading for 50 is just, well, not so pleasant for anyone in the vicinity. But recently something has changed. Whether it was a combination of having forgotten the safety of my belly-covering vest one time, or kind words having come from kind mouths another time, or just the fact that I’m somewhat nostalgic for the ‘Old Days‘ of Bikram Yoga – wearing shorts and a bra top for my own non-vinyasa Bikram practice in a public class hasn’t seemed like that much of a big deal recently. In fact, I’ve noticed muscles returning since I can actually SEE more flesh in the mirror….but that’s another blog. Let me just say that these guys make some pretty nice leggings and gold lettered pre/post yoga loungewear, but it’s the teeny-tiny shorts and bras that I’m gonna recommend you practice in if you’re a Bikram traditionalist.

Really now, so rude…

Yo Yogangster











How much? £29-£65


The only thing I would like to see from these guys is a Catsuit!

Did I mention…I DO love a catsuit….?


Naomi x


”You will work 25% harder in your Yoga Practice if you have new Yoga Clothes…!”


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