Biodegradable Yoga Leggings for the Fuller Figure, Anyone?

by Naomi Clark on October 29, 2017

Attention All My More Shapely Eco Friendly Sistas  – Listen up, I gotta tell you about these new Yoga Leggings…

Initially I noticed Posto9activewear’s bright tropical Rio-inspired prints scrolling their Insta.

Reasonably priced at around £50 I headed straight for their sale (does anyone else do that?) and started finding great leggings around the £19-£30 mark – ding ding!

I then read that the company tout an ethical clothing stance and that really got my attention.

‘Ethical’ clothing is such a buzzword although such a generic term; like ethical how – fabric, manufacture, delivery? I am (wherever possible) buying locally produced, organic, pesticide-free non GMO food and wearing cruelty-free, vegan, PETA approved cosmetics, supporting locally designed, upcycled, vintage, preloved clothing (ok, not ALL the time, but most of us are now aware of making a conscious effort.) But the fact remains that few yoga clothing companies actually talk about WHO makes the items, WHERE and under what conditions – so I’m keen to open up that conversation in yogaland. 

Many of the most expensive yoga clothing companies (one in particular who I won’t name but refuse to wear their label due to their ‘we don’t like customers larger than a size 12 wearing our (overpriced Canadian) leggings’ faux pas, have left a sour taste, and are reputed to be produced in sweatshops in China and Cambodia where conditions are less than fair to their workers. Er, no thanks…

Posto9activewear is starting to answer some of these questions. They operate a Fair Wage system, employing local seamstresses in the ‘Posto 9’ district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This enables women in the low income less advantaged neighbourhoods of Zona Norte and Zona Oeste to gain financial independence through earning a decent living wage. 

The company tell me that Adriana picks up the fabric and drives it back home to her studio in the suburbs to start cutting and assembling the pieces. Janete and Adriana sew everything, while Jo checks quality, quantity, packs & delivers to the post office. We feel warm and fuzzy knowing the name of the person who made our stuff, right?! (LUSH Cosmetics cottoned onto this last decade…)

So when my first pair of Lime Cheetah leggings arrived I put them on and IMMEDIATELY went back online and ordered a 2nd pair – the Gina Camuflower. Advertised as ‘Sweat-wicking, Lightweight, Opaque, Antibacterial, Odour Free, Colourfast and UV-Proof, they unashamedly support, complement and flatter the more curvy bum, hips & thighs. Each pair of leggings comes with it’s own complimentary matching scrunchie – which is too cute! Win. 

On the downside they do take a little while to dry after laundering, unlike some of my other fave brands. When I’m travelling for work and packing lite for hot yoga I like to wash and have them airdried for the next morning. With Posto9 lycra I’d advise packing another pair or machine drying as they are thicker. 

Posto9activewear leggings large size ‘Gostosa’ size 14-18 ARE generously large, not just a regular size 10-12 as some ‘large’ sizes promise.  The waistband is a big wide flattering black stretchy foldable feature. Considering the average UK woman is now a Size 16 – and MOST yoga clothing only goes up to a size 12 – how can we be serious as Yoga Teachers about encouraging women of any size into Practice if she can’t even find anything to wear to go to Yoga? How is the average UK newbie practitioner ever going to believe she is supported and accepted in the Yoga Studio, let alone feeling confident in herself enough to step bravely onto a mat? Collectively, as Yogis, Teachers and Human Beings darn it, don’t we have a social responsibility to welcome EVERY body to the mat? That might start with lightly pressurising activewear designers/manufacturers and stockists to supply for all sizes great and small as espoused by those gorgeously voluptuous #EmpoweredatAnySize Instayogis such as Jessamyn Stanley and Sarah Sapora.

I also ordered a couple of the Shibari Bra Tops in black – also Large (although not as generous in sizing) but so striking with their cross strapping at the front. Maybe a little racy for the studio, but hey ho, get ya kicks where ya can!

Now I’m drooling over the Havana Turquoise Leggings in Snake Print – like my latest pair the Siena in Leopardprint they are actually BIO DEGRADABLE – OOOOOH! (don’t worry I checked they won’t Biodegrade during Paschimotanasana, they are cut from some special textile called Polyamide 6.6 that will only quickly decompose when discarded and left in landfills read more here )…and I’m also coveting a pair of Harem Pants in Stone for Winter….and the Lorena Bra Top in Tangerine….and the Mexicali…ok stop me now!

Bio Degradable Yoga Leggings!

I said to my girl Asha from Skatefresh (who winters in Rio) ‘I’ve got this new yoga clothing from Brazil which actually SUITS my big ass?!’ 

‘Darling’ she replied ‘In Rio the big bum is celebrated and revered, it’s not like England.’ 

So that’s it, Posto9Activewear fit and flatter the fuller figure, they offer fair wages to workers, and are slowly trying to tackle the green issues with biodegradable leggings – as they say in Brazil ‘Descascar o Abacaxi’  (‘Peel the Pineapple) – problem solved! 

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Anna November 20, 2017 at 9:18 am

Great article. Good to know there are some ethical clothing companies catering to average sized women too.


Naomi Clark November 20, 2017 at 9:23 am

Few & far between Anna – but feels great when we find em!


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