100 Day Challenge – How do I feel?

14 May 2017

100 Day Challenge  – 100 Hot Yoga Classes in 100 Days   Years ago, when we were all Bikram Studios, the 30 Day Challenge was ‘A Thing’. This coincided with all ‘Intro Offers’ being £30 for 30 days and Studios encouraging Students to see and feel the benefits for themselves by building a regular consistent […]

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Discounts Here & my FAVOURITE Yoga Clothes!

30 January 2017

Did you actually manage to get through the whole weekend without buying any new yoga clothes?  With a combination of a long-awaited payday, results from January’s 30 Day Challenge new year resolutions starting to kick in (Go YOU!) , the panic of Tax Return subsided, THAT email from Go Yogi & that other one from […]

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15 January 2017

It’s January! And in case you haven’t noticed the Yoga Studio is extra busy – we’re ALL looking to kick off 2017 with new activewear to complement New Year’s resolutions, right? It’s a good time to issue an IMPORTANT WARNING to you Yogis about my recent unpleasant experience with a company called FABLETICS UK. A […]

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How Ex-Bikram Studios are Killing Their Own Communities

13 August 2016

Before Bikram Crash (which I jokingly nicknamed ‘Brexit’ until Brexit actually happened then it suddenly wasn’t funny anymore) life was simple for us Bikram Teachers… We taught in one or two local Studios where we lived, we may or may not have had another job or partner to share the bills, and we practiced 3 or […]

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5 Things I LOVE about K.Deer Yoga Leggings!

14 July 2015

A lady shouted out during class last week ‘I LOVE your leggings!’ ‘So do I!’ I replied ‘But you really should just be concentrating on your Eagle Pose!’ These ARE the kind of leggings that make you wanna shout out! And Laugh! And Caper! And Pirouette! When I first saw these Pippi Longstocking-style stripey leggings popping […]

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60 Minute Classes – Beginning of the End of Bikram Yoga or the End of the Beginning?

24 June 2014

This week, one of the Studios I teach at is launching 1 hr Bikram Yoga Classes.   60 minute Bikram Yoga? Bikram Yoga is 26 Postures, 2 Breathing Exercises in 42 degrees in a carpeted room with Bikram Certified Instructors….AND IT’S OFFICIALLY A 90 MINUTE CLASS! I KNOW, I hear ya there! A few years […]

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Smoothie Recipe for Bikramites

17 December 2013
Bikram Balance

A Smoothie Recipe for Bikram Yoga Teachers Practicing & Teaching #Yoga a lot in Northern Europe especially in Winter Time is heavier on the body in some ways going from extreme Heat 2 Extreme Cold – can really ask a lot of the #Adrenal glands! I find it helpful especially managing fatigue with teaching 20+ classes a week to […]

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Sweaty Pit Lit

13 November 2013
salt of the earth

It was on Teacher Training in 2001 after a particularly sweltering class that I was apprehended liberally spraying myself with Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant before emerging into the LA sunshine. A fellow TT, a slightly older and much wiser Californian lady recoiled in horror (as I have done myself many times since seeing new Students applying anti-perspirant BEFORE […]

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Vipassana Your Guide in 10 Points

24 July 2013

Vipassana: 10 Things Bikram Yogis Should Know Before Going… 1) No, you cannot have a Sushi blowout, 3 margharitas and half a spliff the night before you Practice. Don’t even try it. Trust me on this. Abstain for at least 1 month before sitting. 2) Leave the Lycra at home. Loose, layered comfortable clothing with no […]

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Thumbnail image for Opening a Yoga Studio? That town is MINE!

Opening a Yoga Studio? That town is MINE!

3 September 2012

Opening a Yoga Studio? That town is MINE! Opening a Yoga Studio? So many of us have, as newly qualified Bikram, or more recently Hot Yoga teachers, flown home clutching our certificates and photographs of us-with-Bikram; eager to heal the ailments of our hometown with the miraculous method which has brought (or should that be ‘bought’) […]

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