My Plastic Free Bathroom   

4 February 2018

When my Granny died and we were cleaning out her house, we found a whole cupboard full of ice-cream cartons, and another full of takeaway food cartons (I don’t know where these came from as I don’t think Klara ever had a takeaway in her life.) Far from being a hoarder, she was a spick […]

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Why Floating is the New Yoga

9 June 2015

I was intrigued to be invited by Float Spa, Brighton’s only float tank spa & newest Yoga Studio to come on down – ‘Would I like to try Floating?’ Hell, yeah! I was a little concerned about claustrophobia. And drowning. However Float Spa’s founder Camille explained that you can lift the lid anytime & with […]

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Why is Naomi Eating Earth?

4 February 2015

If you’ve read my blog Live Blood Analysis then you will know that approximately 90% of us have Parasites of some sort living on or in our bodies, but even if they are microscopic they can still potentially rob us of nutrients and drain us of energy. As Mama to a boy and a cat, […]

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Smoothie Recipe for Bikramites

17 December 2013
Bikram Balance

A Smoothie Recipe for Bikram Yoga Teachers Practicing & Teaching #Yoga a lot in Northern Europe especially in Winter Time is heavier on the body in some ways going from extreme Heat 2 Extreme Cold – can really ask a lot of the #Adrenal glands! I find it helpful especially managing fatigue with teaching 20+ classes a week to […]

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Tetany’s Syndrome

4 December 2013

I just got back from teaching a triple Bikram Class and had two students with separate instances of Tetany’s Syndrome in tonight. Fortunately these two new Students experienced the symptoms fairly mildly and managed to continue to the end of Class but this is something that occurs regularly in the Hot Room and worth being informed […]

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Sweaty Pit Lit

13 November 2013
salt of the earth

It was on Teacher Training in 2001 after a particularly sweltering class that I was apprehended liberally spraying myself with Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant before emerging into the LA sunshine. A fellow TT, a slightly older and much wiser Californian lady recoiled in horror (as I have done myself many times since seeing new Students applying anti-perspirant BEFORE […]

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Thumbnail image for Live Blood Microscopy – Ya What?!

Live Blood Microscopy – Ya What?!

4 September 2012

So since I have been RAW, and thinking lots about not just what I eat and how I eat it – but also how I eliminate it (and what I do with those eliminations!) I have been having a lot of wild and crazy dreams as I mentioned. And one of those dreams involves drinking […]

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Kefir – what is it?

1 September 2012

OK, so there are two types of Kefir, milk Kefir (more on that one later) and water Kefir. Most people’s first reaction when presented with a bottle of slightly dubious grubby liquid with small floating ‘I’m ovulating right now’ (TMI?) reminiscent blobs in it, is one of extreme repulsion. Yup, that’s Kefir water. What is it? […]

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Thumbnail image for When RAW became the LAW

When RAW became the LAW

31 August 2012

It was while I was lying in savasana at Hot Bikram Yoga Balham one day in May that I *kinda* made an accidental raw decision. I had been chugging back the Bikram Balance for a week or so and was feeling many benefits on it; Daniel Young (Hot Bikram Yoga Studio Manager) had dropped a […]

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Delicious RAW lunchbox

30 August 2012

10 easy steps for a delicious RAW lunchbox Hello you, Yogi-on-the-go, racing from teaching Bikram in the Lanes to a private Yoga Nidra class in Clapham to practising at Hot Bikram Yoga London Bridge; how on earth do you manage to remain raw with so much energy exerted and all that’s available to munch on […]

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