100 Day Challenge – How do I feel?

14 May 2017

100 Day Challenge  – 100 Hot Yoga Classes in 100 Days   Years ago, when we were all Bikram Studios, the 30 Day Challenge was ‘A Thing’. This coincided with all ‘Intro Offers’ being ¬£30 for 30 days and Studios encouraging Students to see and feel the benefits for themselves by building a regular consistent […]

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Why Floating is the New Yoga

9 June 2015

I was intrigued to be invited by Float Spa, Brighton’s only float tank spa & newest Yoga Studio to come on down – ‘Would I like to try Floating?’ Hell, yeah! I was a little concerned about claustrophobia. And drowning. However Float Spa’s founder Camille explained that you can lift the lid anytime & with […]

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Vipassana Your Guide in 10 Points

24 July 2013

Vipassana: 10 Things Bikram Yogis Should Know Before Going… 1) No, you cannot have a Sushi blowout, 3 margharitas and half a spliff the night before you Practice. Don’t even try it. Trust me on this. Abstain¬†for at least 1 month before sitting. 2) Leave the Lycra at home. Loose, layered comfortable clothing with no […]

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