Biodegradable Yoga Leggings for the Fuller Figure, Anyone?

29 October 2017

Attention All My More Shapely Eco Friendly Sistas  – Listen up, I gotta tell you about these new Yoga Leggings… Initially I noticed Posto9activewear’s bright tropical Rio-inspired prints scrolling their Insta. Reasonably priced at around £50 I headed straight for their sale (does anyone else do that?) and started finding great leggings around the £19-£30 mark […]

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Discounts Here & my FAVOURITE Yoga Clothes!

30 January 2017

Did you actually manage to get through the whole weekend without buying any new yoga clothes?  With a combination of a long-awaited payday, results from January’s 30 Day Challenge new year resolutions starting to kick in (Go YOU!) , the panic of Tax Return subsided, THAT email from Go Yogi & that other one from […]

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5 Things I LOVE about K.Deer Yoga Leggings!

14 July 2015

A lady shouted out during class last week ‘I LOVE your leggings!’ ‘So do I!’ I replied ‘But you really should just be concentrating on your Eagle Pose!’ These ARE the kind of leggings that make you wanna shout out! And Laugh! And Caper! And Pirouette! When I first saw these Pippi Longstocking-style stripey leggings popping […]

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Thumbnail image for Bikram Balance Powder Review

Bikram Balance Powder Review

28 August 2012

A Bikram Balance Powder Review. I have always been slightly bemused by Bikram’s comments about nutrition; “Do your yoga, your body will process tin cans”, “Those who eat health foods smell like old cat-poop” – and of course THAT class where he infamously sat on the podium eating a Big Mac and drinking a can of […]

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