Tea With Naomi

Naomi has a rich and varied knowledge base, formed through many years of experience, that is extremely valuable to the would-be practitioner, teacher and studio owner. Having practiced varying styles of yoga for over 20 years, teaching Bikram for nearly 20 years, Yoga Nidra & Yoga Therapy for 10 years pioneered bringing Bikram Yoga to a completely new area, building and running successfully for 6 years the first Hot Yoga studio in the UK outside of London and successfully apprenticing and mentoring some of the UK’s finest yoga teachers and studio owners, Naomi really knows her stuff.

More and more people want to become hot yoga teachers OR Bikram Yoga teachers – or simply want to know the difference and feel inspired to open their own yoga studio communities. Naomi gets asked to tea ALOT so she can give of her experiences and wisdom – what works and what doesn’t, and how to remain true to yourself and your own health whilst serving the needs of your loved ones, your business and your students.

Naomi loves tea and has, at last count, nearly 30 brands in her tea cupboard!  However, being such a busy chatty chick, it is necessary to book your consultation over tea in advance to guaran-tea (geddit?) availabili-tea (groan!).

You can now book Tea with Naomi and have a whole 60 minutes of her time all to yourself!

Ask about:

  • Your yoga
  • Where to locate your studio
  • Naomi’s experiences with running a studio – the peaks and the pitfalls
  • Becoming a Yoga Teacher, which style is right for you?
  • How to get your new product known by Hot/Bikram Yoga teachers and out into the yoga community

Or you can just talk about LOVE and how marvellous and miraculous life is…

Please contact Naomi to schedule your meeting for tea.

(A small additional charge applies for travelling out of Brighton)

‘Thank you for being one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met. I literally just qualified (like an hour ago!) and you were a huge part in my journey on deciding to become a Yoga Teacher. I’ll never again wait to do the things that are in my heart, Stacey xxx’

‘Know that your teaching inspires HUNDREDS of others – thank you for contributing to my journey, Tammy x’

‘You are the best yoga teacher ever!! I was so scared to join a class after my chemo but your lovely self always reassured me and gave me the confidence to continue. Miss Yellow x’

‘Thanks for your ongoing advice, support and crazy colourful outfits! Helena xx’

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