“You are the most hilarious yoga teacher I ever had. When I can crack a human skull between my thighs, then I will have you to thank for it.”

Kate Magic, Raw Food Expert

“I had the pleasure of working with Naomi on a large scale project for American Express. Naomi was employed by myself to be one of our well being experts for a high profile global communications project. Naomi worked with me and a unique team of professionals, giving one to one and small group advice to employees on Yoga and wellbeing. Naomi was integral to the event and her work was one of the most talked about from the project – Many employees spoke outwardly about how Naomi had made a huge difference to them in such a short space of time. The project was designed to have a lasting effect and to truly encourage long term health and wellbeing. Naomi embodied the spirit of this more wholly than anyone. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any one for private and corporate or public presentations in Yoga and Well being. She would be a huge asset to any project or event.”

Jane Wake, Fitness Expert

 “‘Naomi is a great teacher! I felt very at ease with her within the sessions, she took the time to explain every move and ensured my safety at all times.”

– Sol Gilbert, ZT Fight Skool & Fitness

”I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement to me as I started back to Bikram after a 4 month break for my gallbladder surgery. Your words “There is no should” when I started to make excuses as to why I should have come back to class sooner were incredibly encouraging. Your pre-class conversation with me really helped me to relax, and the class which I had been dreading for 4 months was actually fine. Your positive attitude and energy in your teaching continue to inspire and motivate me, as do your amazing stomach muscles! Whether I have a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ practice, I always enjoy your classes and am grateful for your support and guidance.”

– Victoria R.

”With sassy pith, electrical insights and a sizzling mix of Hot Yoga and Raw, Naomi Clark marries years of experience practising and teaching Yoga with a fledgling and sure enthusiasm for Living Foods – luminously humorous, refreshingly honest – brimming with insights and clear information, this blog is one to follow for a fresh, entertaining and reflective take on living a vibrant life.”

– Susan Ure Reid

”Naomi offered weekly private evening yoga classes for a year to a small group of parents who were looking to build up our core strength. Naomi’s years of experience were demonstrated  in her versatility of yoga styles ranging from the bikram series to vinyasa flow and she was great at adapting to what was needed each time. Naomi’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the body especially with respect to injuries and passion for learning was evident and Naomi was always cheerful and fun too.”

– Louise S.

“This year I was in charge of organising our school’s Sports Week and wanted to introduce the children to something a bit different.  I had been attending Naomi’s classes for a little while and loved her energy, enthusiasm and teaching style.  I had heard that she had taught young children before and decided to approach her about leading some sessions at my school.   Naomi was able to lead four sessions for the children in Key Stage One.  The children had never done anything like this before and, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how they would react.  I needn’t have worried.  Every child loved the sessions and, according to the class teachers, they kept practising the positions during their playtimes.  The teachers were really impressed by the quality of the teaching and how well Naomi explained each position and made it accessible to very young children.  It was so popular that I have been asked, by the children, when the “nice yoga lady” is coming back!  In fact one child, who is coming up to Year 3, actually wrote about how good she is at yoga in her letter to her new teacher.  Naomi made a huge impact in only one session.  I would strongly recommend her if you’re considering organising some sessions for children of any age.  She’s fantastic!”

Zosia Rumistrzewicz, PE Coordinator and Senior Teacher, Dalmain Primary School, London

“Jake loved it!!! He kept talking about it for the rest of the day, especially the crocodile pose! Thank you Olga and thank you Naomi and all the staff at Bikram Fulham for making as (adults and children) so welcome!”

Babettli A.

“I have attended Naomi’s classes for a couple of years, both in Bikram style and Vinyasa Flow..heated and non-heated rooms; but I still sweat every time! However, I recently had the most amazing private class with Naomi at 5 months pregnant. Whereas local classes dismissed me, she understood exactly what I could or shouldn’t do. It was a fantastic workout for my body, baby, but most importantly my mind. And she fed me the most delicious raw food! Her wonderfully relaxed, inspirational, and humorous approach made me feel that my bump and changing physique were the most fantastic thing. I have been practising her teachings almost everyday and I feel fabulous!!! I don’t think I have ever met a teacher more personal, inspiring and honest as Naomi.”

Annabel Thwaite, Musician